I create websites, I write content and translate texts from English into Dutch.

I am here for you.

Margareth Nannenberg, MarsConnects
Enable the Dutch market for your products and services.

Do you need a website for your business? Or do you want to enable the Dutch market for your products and services? Contact MarsConnects and you will have a professional online presence in no-time. I will make sure that your website is exactly like you have in mind – as far it is possible for the platform of your choosing -, and attractive for your target groups. I can also take care of the content by writing the Dutch ones or translate your English texts into Dutch. SEO-friendly and optimized to get the best results you are aiming for.

I create websites and translate texts from English into Dutch. My aim is to help as many people as I can to realize their own dreams of building their own online business or help to get it ready for the Dutch market.

I create, edit, proofread and/or translate content into Dutch.

Born and raised in The Netherlands with over 20 years of job experience in different international organizations, and a brain full of knowledge from studies, I firmly set the goal to give my clients what they need. Whether it is a new website, website content, an ebook or (technical) documents: I create, edit, proofread and/or translate it into Dutch for you.

My experience in my former jobs as a management assistant and personal assistant, help me to add the business knowledge and social capabilities into the technical world of coding. I create websites and I deliver services that come with having an online presence. I’m a sparring partner. I listen to your ideas, goals and what values you have to offer and align them with what your target groups want to see from you. If needed, I provide a sustainable after-sale support and maintenance of your website.

A full online presence to market your business.

My interest and experiences are focused on businesses that need a good website with professional content. A website that gives a full online presence to market your business: branding, user experience and user interface friendly, responsive, goal minded, targeting the preferred markets, excellent SEO, easy to connect with and aligned with social media. If preferred, I can make sure that the website is easy to maintain by you.

I am proficient in HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, User Experience, User Interface, Value-Based Marketing, Google Analytics, Google AdWords certificated, SEO, WordPress, Marketing and Public Relations.

Juridical documents like Terms of Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Technical writing is high on my interest list: I am very experienced in translating manuals, reports, project plans, documents to get projects funded, and juridical documents like the Terms of Conditions and the Privacy Policy. All documents I write and translate from English to Dutch are according to the official style guides.  I like to learn and I like to write about subjects based on facts through investigation and research, with the goal to inform and inspire people while keeping the differences in cultures in mind.  I can also write the website content for you in Dutch, optimized for search engines and attractive for your target groups.

As I am a goal driven person, I am always looking for opportunities to get the best results in anything I do. I will be glad to help you accomplish your goals.

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I look forward having a talk with you and to see how I can help you with what you need!

Kind regards,

Margareth Nannenberg