A low-budget website for starters

A low-budget website for starters

This website built with Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript was created to meet the following:

  • A static website to publish what Alygator Interiors has to offer.
  • Designed for the target group of customers and aligned with the pictures provided.
  • Easily to find subjects of interests.
  • Possibility for visitors to get in contact easily.

"MarsConnects took my mundane website and made it perfectly fit for my clients! My new clients are excited to be hiring a professional and tell me that the website was a big part of them inviting me into their homes. MarsConnects made this process smooth and interruption free even from 3000 miles away! I don't hesitate to refer them to clients and friends who are updating or creating their own websites."
- Jim Rinker ~ The United States of America

A low-budget website for starters: you can have a nice (WordPress) site without spending much money - contact me to discuss possibilities! Please fill out the contact form or contact me through Skype

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