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SEO Services that Drive Business Growth

MarsConnects is an SEO & Marketing agency that gets your website or webshop internationally successful.

A higher conversion ratio and CTR, better competitiveness, and more returning customers across countries. That is why we are committed to delivering great results!


A SEO optimized website

MarsConnects is a professional no-nonsense SEO company that takes care of your website or webshop to make it successful. A site that is well constructed, both SEO-technically and textually, allowing your site to be appreciated positively by your audience and by search engines. Check out our services and pricing for optimising SME websites and webshops.

Our SEO services

We make sure your online business works to its full potential. Use our SEO expertise to get more visitors and generate more profit with an effective website.

What are the benefits of SEO?

SEO is the heart of your website. Without SEO, your website is not going to be found on Google, unless you spend a considerable amount of money on paid advertisements. SEO is an important part of your marketing. If you do this correctly and deploy the most effective SEO tactics, you can lead your online business to be successful.

A website with a high level of SEO and marketing presence

A website is the foundation for all your SEO and SEA activities

With a website that is SEO-proof, you can attract customers and increase your profits. We create websites, and we optimise existing websites so that these can compete with other online businesses.

If you need your website or webshop to perform better, please contact us. Together we can then discuss the steps needed to make your site more effective and profitable.


Does your website need SEO optimization?

Our website services

Hire us to get a website that is well built from the start and is technically in place to perform SEO activities effectively. It will save you time and budget to carry out advertising campaigns when you have a website that is SEO-proof.


Reach your ideal customers with Marketing

With inbound marketing and advertising we make sure your website or webshop will be found by the people who represent your ideal customers for your company.

If you have any questions about your website or webshop, or if you want to exchange your ideas, please send a message through the contact form,  WhatsApp, or email.

Most Popular

Ongoing SEO management

We take care of all the SEO tasks of your website or webshop, so that you can concentrate on managing and further developing your business.

Continuous SEO keywords and content advice

We will help you to beat your powerful competitors by using strong SEO strategies. We’ll perform a monthly survey of your site and give you the information you need to create the right content to get ahead of your competitors. This way you can compete with your competitors and ensure that your site gains more value for both your visitors and the search engines.

Website SEO-proof

We will adapt the existing content and make it SEO-proof based on a keyword research and a competitor analysis. This gives you a solid foundation to continue working on your online business.