About us

We take care of your website

Don’t you have time to create a website and think about the best possible content to attract and engage prospects?

Tell us what your goal is, what your ideas are and what you need, and we create the website that fits you and your (e-commerce) business perfectly. We can also create the content according to the SEO best practices, and we make sure your website is speed-optimized to load fast in browsers.

If your goal is to go international, then we create a multilingual website and take care of the content, including translations (English and Dutch), SEO, speed optimization, and analytics that targets the countries and markets you want your business to be exposed.

In short: we create your website that targets your smart marketing goals, generates leads, and attracts customers, while you can keep on focussing on the important things you need to do.

We create websites using WordPress, Wix, Bootstrap, HTML, and CSS since 2016. We have a keen eye for design and details, and a good sense of what people want to see on your website in order to become a customer/ client. For your multilingual website, we can translate your English texts or write new content in Dutch that’s appealing to your audience.
All our products are designed with the focus on style, user experience, and best practices, in order to help you to get traffic and generate leads. Feel free to contact us so we can start planning your professional online presence!

High-quality Services

MarsConnects stands for delivering high-quality services to get you as our client beyond satisfied. We are highly experienced, professional, and motivated to give our best to give you an online presence that features your quality services in a way that’s appealing to your audience. We know how to promote your website, to increase traffic, to get more sales, and to grow your business. And we learned that for our business to prosper, we have to put our entire focus on helping our customers succeed.

We work globally

We are proud to serve clients globally. We have worked for clients who reside in The Netherlands, the USA, United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Egypt, and Georgia (country).

We are available to you, no matter where you are.
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About the founder

MarsConnects was founded in November 2016 by Margareth Nannenberg, a Dutch who gained extensive experience with working in a vast array of international organizations as a management assistant for (IT) projects and as the personal assistant for CEO’s. She’s got a “get it done fast and good”- mentality, straightforward, loves to work and to gain more knowledge, and she is driven by challenges and her freedom to chase them. One thing is for sure: helping clients to give them what they need to reach their goals, is what has made MarsConnects successful.