Which Social Platforms do you need as an Entrepreneur or a Startup?

Social media has become more a priority for businesses and less of an optional marketing opportunity. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become integral parts of brand awareness, content distribution, and lead generation. However, social platforms are not about selling in the first place, but brand awareness instead. People want to get to know the people behind the logo: what values does your business represent, what services and quality customers can expect, how does your company handle complaints, do[…]

Why You Should Start Your Own Business

By Margareth Nannenberg (…) nearly half of the population (48%) will be independent or have tried independent work in their lifetime by 2021; “even as companies add jobs, a growing number of highly talented workers will choose to work independently to earn more money without having to put up with traditional management structure. ~ Gene Zaino, MBO Partners founder and CEO Traits of successful entrepreneurs Successful entrepreneurs have got some traits in common. They are driven by passion, prepared to work[…]