SEO Research Dropshipping Online Store – Know When To Sell

  SEO Research Dropshipping Shopify SEO Research Dropshipping Online Store. My client wanted to have a successful Shopify website selling his products through Dropshipping. Performing an in-depth SEO research of his products, was one of my tasks. With the results, he knows exactly how popular his products are, what countries he has to target to reach the people who show interest, and what time of the year he should do his marketing-activities to advertise his products. With a good SEO[…]

Website Content SEO-Writing For A Russian Translation Agency

Website Content SEO Writing. MarsConnects wrote one of the pages into Dutch with keywords based on in-depth SEO research.  The text has been localized as well;  it’s clearly written and it’s effective for the Dutch (and English) people who are looking for having their (official) documents or website to be translated into Russian.   ELENA TRANSLATIONS is a translation agency specialized in sworn translations of official documents from Russian into Dutch or English and vice versa. They work with native speakers and[…]

Wereldverbeterende Innovaties

Sinds het bouwen van Sillicon Valley in de jaren ‘60 in Californië, is het hard gegaan met ontwikkelen van nieuwe ideeën, producten en technologieën. Deze ontwikkelingen hebben bijna allemaal een gemeenschappelijke deler: bijdragen aan het verbeteren van de wereld; voor de mens van nu en voor de toekomstige generaties. Silicon Valley ontstond nadat de Amerikaanse overheid gigantische bedragen uitgaf voor militaire doeleinden in de jaren ’60. Silicon Valley is een stad gebouwd op een idee. Het idee dat alles beter[…]

Het optimisme in de digitale wereld.

Er zijn robots die ons helpen met vervelende klussen, (fake) nieuws wordt ons in hapklare brokken geserveerd op Facebook en Twitter, en met AI kunnen wij lekker luieren en genieten van het leven, terwijl AI het werk onder de robots verdeelt. Klinkt dit goed? Misschien. Misschien niet. Digitalisering heeft een geweldige revolutie in gang gebracht. Met name de programmeurs, de technici, en iedereen die werkt aan het bouwen en verbeteren van digitale producten, zijn positief over wat het voor de[…]

AdWords Search Certificated

Google has recognized Margaretha Nannenberg (MarsConnects) as an AdWords certified professional, meaning that she has passed multiple assessments that assess her product expertise. She’s qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google AdWords.

Website Sernitsa

Website Sernitsa: A multilingual website created with Wix. is a website created with Wix, has got 30 pages and 12 lightboxes, an age-checker page and is multilingual: English, Dutch, and Georgian. This website was created to meet the following: A platform to present the import and export quality goods. Designed on topic and aligned with the pictures provided. Easily to find subjects of interests. An online shop and a payment system (not online yet) Google Analytics to analyze the[…]

Being Location Independent: a dream or a lesson?

Digital Nomads aka Location Independent People Location independence is a lifestyle. Being location independent provides great freedom to those who achieve it. They can work from practically anywhere in the world, as long as they have access to the internet and a laptop to keep in contact with clients and employers. Digital nomads can be found working in most industries in the knowledge economy: marketing, web design, IT, writing, media, tutoring and consulting, among others. Many location independent people live[…]


The inner thought coming from the heart represents the real motives and desires. – Raymond Holliwell Do you recognize that feeling that you get when you do things you would rather not do? The feeling of unrest in your head and the energy in your body when you think about what you would have loved to do instead? And yet you rationally decide that these things have to wait until you have got more time … Guess what: you will[…]

Website MarsConnects

Website MarsConnects This is our former Business Website. It was a custom made site, using HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Google Analytics and a range of Social Media. We created the design while keeping the User Experience in mind: only showing some images linked to subjects that might be of interest to the visitor, without having to scroll a lot. Contact us if you need a Business Website urgently. We work hard to get happy clients. If you need a[…]

Translation juridical document Dutch into English: Notice of Take Down

Translation juridical document Dutch into English: Notice of Take Down One of my returning clients wanted to have some translations of (technical) juridical documents (Terms of Conditions and Notice of Take Down) from Dutch into English. It was all my pleasure to work for this client (again)! Hire me if you want something to be done fast, professionally and of high quality. If you prefer to have contact with me first, please fill out the contact form or contact me[…]