Website Content SEO-Writing

Maatschappelijk Verantwoord Ondernemen

Website Content SEO Writing. MarsConnects wrote one of the pages into Dutch with keywords based on in-depth SEO research.  The text has been localized as well;  it’s clearly written and it’s effective for the Dutch (and English) people who are looking for having their (official) documents or website to be translated into Russian. ELENA TRANSLATIONS […]

Zelfvertrouwen hebben, wat is dat eigenlijk?


Je ziet mensen die zelfverzekerd overkomen, energie uitstralen, en weten wat ze doen en zeggen. Mensen met zelfvertrouwen kennen zichzelf en accepteren hun sterke en zwakke eigenschappen. Zij trekken zich weinig aan wat anderen denken of zeggen. Als zij over iets twijfelen of advies nodig hebben, dan weten zij de mensen te vinden van wie […]

Het optimisme in de digitale wereld

Optimisme in de digitale wereld

Er zijn robots die ons helpen met vervelende klussen, (fake) nieuws wordt ons in hapklare brokken geserveerd op Facebook en Twitter, en met AI kunnen wij lekker luieren en genieten van het leven, terwijl AI het werk onder de robots verdeelt. De digitale wereld gaat niet helemaal zoals gepland Klinkt dit goed? Misschien. Misschien niet. […]

AdWords Search Certificated

Google has recognized Margaretha Nannenberg (MarsConnects) as an AdWords certified professional, meaning that she has passed multiple assessments that assess her product expertise. She’s qualified to help you grow your business on the web using Google AdWords.

Website Sernitsa

Multilingual WIX website Sernitsa

  Website Sernitsa: A multilingual website created with Wix. is a website created with Wix, has got 30 pages and 12 lightboxes, an age-checker page, and is multilingual: English, Dutch, and Georgian. This website has been created to meet the following: A platform to present the import and export quality goods. Designed on topic […]


Drives: You want a little bit more, a little bit different. 

Why else do you do what you do?

There are times, during holidays, Christmas days, or on an ordinary Sunday morning, when you accept the moment as it is. Moments when you are totally done with the feeling of being overwhelmed with all the tasks, errands, and obligations. That you just do what you want to do. Nothing more, nothing less. No targeting goals, no extra tasks, no online availability, but just enjoying the little bit of spare time with doing the things you really want to do. Precious moments. The moments when you think: “I should do this more often”. You tell yourself that you have to get your life better balanced, that you have to give these moments priority. Because: why else do you do what you do?


The Art of Producing Ideas

We are like Dorothy, and we crave the kind of a whirlwind of ideas that will transport us, transfigurate us, and land us in Oz, a place where there is room for mystery, a place where there’s room for juxtaposition and surrealism, a re-enchanted world, where everything is possible. – Shots of Awe creator Jason Silva […]

Good Cause Project – Animal Welfare

Margaretha Nannenberg - MarsConnects - Good cause project

I am the kind of person who says ‘Hey Baby!’ to animals. I moved from the Netherlands to Dahab, Egypt in September 2016 and started my online business in November. (Update: in 2019 I moved to Tbilisi, Giorgia.) It is absolutely wonderful to dive and do snorkeling in the Red Sea, and to have a […]

Translation technical document Dutch to English & English into Dutch


Translation of a technical description from Dutch into English For my first client as a freelancer, I translated a document of a technical description of a web App from Dutch into English. This client was satisfied with the work I delivered and came back later for more technical translation work. Get translations of your texts […]

Website SETIphilosopher

Website SETIphilosopher

Website SETIphilosopher: A platform to publish scientific research and findings. is a custom made website created with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQueries, a Twitter API, and social sharing. This website was created to meet the following: A platform to publish scientific research and findings. Designed on topic and aligned with the pictures provided. Easily to […]

Brochure voor klassieke auto’s

KK brochure created by MarsConnects

  For one of my clients, I created a brochure that is handed out during an event. This brochure is 2 A4-sided, filled with texts and pictures that give in short the information that is required in an attractive way.

Multilingual Website for International Ambitions – Case

Meertalige WordPress Website voor ZZP-ers met een duidelijke boodschap

The website for RoyMarriaBouw was created to meet the following assignment: Multilingual to reach our clients in other countries. Write texts in both Dutch and English. SEO-friendly To inform potential new clients about the services we provide. Designed on topic and aligned with the pictures provided. Easily to find subjects of interest. One call-to-action on […]

Good Cause Project: Website for Animal Welfare Dahab

Website Animal Welfare Dahab

  Update 22 September 2020: In 2019 I created a new WordPress site for Animal Welfare Dahab to make it easier for the volunteers to add news and blogs.  This website for Animal Welfare Dahab is one of our good cause projects. I created this website for free, together with a landing page and a […]

Eenvoudige website voor kleine budgetten

Eenvoudige Website MaasdamAangenaam

Categorie: Oude Projecten Een eenvoudige website voor kleine budgetten die als online visitekaartje gebruikt wordt. Voor Maasdam was het belangrijk dat hij een site met wat basisinformatie over zijn bedrijf op het internet kon laten zien. Deze site is volledig naar zijn wensen gemaakt, inclusief het design, de gebruikte foto’s en teksten. De opdrachtgever vond […]

Website Funza

Webshop Funza by MarsConnects

Funza (no longer active) This webshop has been created to meet the following: A webshop to publish what has to offer. Created for the target group and aligned with the pictures provided. Easily to find products of interest. Possibility for visitors to get in contact easily. Easily to update the website (CMS). Possibility for […]