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Good Cause Project: Animal Welfare Dahab push-up action

I am the kind of person who says ‘Hey Baby!’ to animals.

I moved from the Netherlands to Dahab, Egypt in September 2016 and started my online business in November last year. It is absolutely wonderful to be here, to feel the freedom of no longer being a part of an over-regulated system, to dive and do snorkeling in the Red Sea, to have a social life with people from all around the world. However, the abuse of animals here is devastating!

landing page Animal Welfare Dahab

Animal Welfare Dahab is a small organization that works with a few volunteers to help get the strays here a better life, and to neuter them to control the population. The car they used to take wounded animals to the vet, and neutered animals back and forth to their territory was broken.

Good Cause Project: Animal Welfare Dahab push-up action

So I came up with the idea to raise money to help Animal Welfare Dahab out. First I created a website, then a landing page in which I asked for donations. To get the amount needed ($ 500) within 2 weeks, I started a campaign in which I would do one push-up for every donated USD. In time we raised this way $ 846! I am grateful for the donations and happy this was a successful action to help the street animals in Dahab.

For voluntary organizations that help children or animals

I can’t do Good Cause projects every month, but if you have a voluntary organization that helps children or animals and you need an online presence, please fill out the contact form, or connect with me through Skype. I’m looking forward to being in touch with you!

Good Cause action: push-up challenge for Animal Welfare Dahab

Good Cause project: Website Animal Welfare Dahab

Good Cause project: Website Animal Welfare Dahab This website, Animal Welfare Dahab was part of a good cause project. I created this website for free, together with a landing page and a push-up action to raise money for the car used by Animal Welfare to rescue strays in Dahab. This website is a custom made website, using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript and a Facebook API. It was created to meet the following goals: To inform what Animal Welfare Dahab[…]