The SEO Agency That Leads Customers To Your Website

… and money to your bank.

We create SEO-proof content and improve the performance of your multilingual website. With engaging content on multiple platforms in different languages, we make sure your customers can find your international products and services. And through proper research, we find out what it takes to get your customers really want to engage with your business.

An SEO Agency that takes care of your international website

Every online business needs a good SEO agency that provides more visitors to your website or web shop. The best SEO agency brings you also returning customers from multiple countries, realizes growth opportunities, and make your business more profitable.

More ways to make an online business successful

No company is the same. They are in different development stages to reach their business goals. That’s why we offer multiple ways to work together. Choose the service that suits your business best at this moment.

Ongoing SEO keywords and content advice

Do you have numerous competitors that use effective SEO strategies? Then we can help you with a monthly check on the status of your site compared to your competitors and provide you with the information you need to create the necessary content. This way, you can take on the competition and make sure that your site gets more value for both your visitors and search engines.

SEO strategy and content plan for a year

If you don’t have time to find out what strategy is best for your business in the following 12 months, you can assign this task to MarsConnects. We’ll perform an audit, conduct a research of the status of your rankings, look into your competitors, keywords, and ways to improve your content. You’ll get a content plan for a year with recommendations of weekly content, so you know where you have to pay attention to in order to compete and get good positions on the Google Search Page. If you like, we can also write outlines for content, including keywords, which you can use for outsourcing this task to a copy writing agency.

Ongoing SEO management in different languages

We take care of all the SEO-tasks of your website or online shop, so you can concentrate on managing and developing your business. Whether your website is in English, Dutch or German, we help you get your business noticed in different countries.

Copy in multiple languages for your website or e-commerce services

With our copywriting service, you get new texts for your web pages, product categories, or a series of blog articles. In multiple languages, SEO-proof, and focused on your buyer personas that represent your best target groups.

One-time action to make your website SEO-proof

We will customize the existing content to make it SEO-proof by conducting keyword research and a competition analysis. This provides you with a solid base to continue working on your online business.

One-time SEO audit

With a single SEO audit, we analyze the best and most efficient ways to improve the SEO of your website or web store and give you a list of the actions to implement.