I Created Opportunities To Start A New Life In Another Country

I Created Opportunities To Start A New Life In Another Country

Two months before I would go on holiday to Dahab, Egypt, I woke up one day with the idea: “Why shouldn’t I stay in Egypt and open my online business there?”.
I have been in Egypt many times before, I knew people there, I love the Red Sea, diving, snorkeling, I love the easy-going of everyday life, and the cost of living is cheap. Even if I wouldn’t make much money, I could survive there.

Since I wasn’t sure if this was a good idea, I had a talk with some good friends to check out if they were thinking I have become a mad hatter. These friends did understand me and my reasons to go. They encouraged me to do so. Some of them left already the country themselves for the same reasons. Some people thought I was crazy. It was too dangerous, especially for a western woman, and they were afraid I would be killed.

Super Girl Socks
Super Girl Socks – My son was afraid that I'd die in a plane crash. I told him I would put on my Super Girl Socks so I could fly myself to my destination if needed.

I was out of job for 2 years after years of having had good jobs. My experiences, skills, and knowledge weren’t worth a dime anymore in these years of recession that started dehumanizing of labor in Europe. Instead of working for a slavery salary or folding boxes in a factory – which the government wanted me to do because “it would look good on my resume”, I followed all the free courses given by universities all over the world. I taught myself coding, create websites, do marketing, PR, anything that I needed to start an online business with. The government said there would be no clients here in the north who are interested to have a website. Come to think of it: ‘in the north of The Netherlands’! The Internet starts with www: for me, there is no way to think otherwise than globally.

Anyway, I had enough of the strict rules that made it impossible to be responsible for myself, to create a better life and to earn money. I wanted to work and be independent. Regarding this situation, I had nothing to lose.
I was just learning, getting my certificates, and build a website for my business (which I was not allowed because the government might think I would earn money secretly – but how would I get clients, offer them to build websites when I haven’t got one myself?). It was a hard time, but you have to make choices. So I did.

30 kg of Life in 1 Suitcase
30 kg of Life in 1 Suitcase

I needed to go. Out of that village and that molded house, I lived in and away from all these negative people who are used to live on the dole and had no ambitions, dreams or goals. I created opportunities for myself. I needed to go to give myself a chance to build something up, to work, to earn money, to have a life.

So I decided to go. For good.

I sold my stuff and left.

— to be continued —

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