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“A functional and flexible multilingual website with expansion capabilities is exactly what’s needed to grow with your company’s development.”


We help you to enable your business to the Dutch and Belgium market by creating a multilingual website with English and Dutch content. We use best practices methods to deliver your website with professional SEO and user experience. We help you to boost traffic to your site, get more leads, and increase your profits. Get in touch to discuss your needs.

A functional and flexible multilingual website with expansion capabilities

A functional and flexible website with expansion capabilities is exactly what’s needed to grow with your company’s development. A company in development requires a flexible website so it can expand online. It’s important to decide right from the start if you want to have a website that has certain capabilities which you might want to use in near future, especially if these changes require specific plugins and extensions. We can help you to choose a good theme and the right plugins to get a website that is both functional for the following one or two years, as well as ready for your future’s business.

Quality of Service

By working with us you can expect a level of professionalism and efficiency of service that is of high quality.

Born and raised in The Netherlands with over 20 years of job experience in different international organizations, and up-to-date through studies regarding SEO, Google Adwords (certificated) and analytics, marketing, coding, and business management, we firmly set the goal to give our clients what they need. Whether it is a new website, website content, a make-over of an outdated website, translated web content: we create, research, analyze, edit, proofread and/or translate it. We are goal driven people, always looking for opportunities to get the best results in anything we do. We will be glad to help you to accomplish your goals.



What clients say about Margareth Nannenberg, the founder of MarsConnects:

Assignment: Dutch speaking WordPress specialist wanted to create some websites:

“Great work, highly recommended.. !!!!”


Assignment: Website SEO optimization, text editing, Dutch

“Margareth is a fantastic person! She is very communicable. She edited the text on my website. Due to her, the text now reads very natural and smooth! Great job! Thanks!”


Assignment: Quick proofreading of small Dutch book – Around 13300 words

“Terrific job by Margareth. Will use her again if needed!”


Assignment: Technisch ontwerp vertalen in het Engels

“Thank you! Hope to work with you soon again!”

What former employers say about Margareth Nannenberg:

Graeme Campbell, (former) Managing Director Be Informed, International Division

“Margareth was a fantastic colleague at Be Informed. She supported me through my early days in the business with secretarial resource and she did the job extremely well with an eye for detail and a GET-IT-RIGHT-FIRST-TIME attitude. Margreet was always the first person in the office and the last to leave and having her multilingual skills on tap was an enormous enabler for me as I got to gips in a Dutch company that was building a future outside the Netherlands. I’m therefore delighted to have the opportunity to recommend Margareth because I know that her enthusiasm and dedication to work is an asset that any business could take advantage of.”

Katja Jonker, (former) Office Manager international support Be Informed

“Margreet was steeds uitzonderlijk betrokken en gemotiveerd. Niets is haar te veel en regelmatig moest de nachtwaker haar ’s avonds laat naar huis sturen omdat ze er een hekel aan heeft werk te laten liggen tot de volgende dag. Margreet heeft dus bepaald geen 9 tot 5 mentaliteit. Ze luisterde steeds serieus naar opbouwende kritiek en deed daar ook echt wat mee. Ondanks de enorme werkdruk af en toe hield ze goed overzicht.”

Professor Michael Garrett, (former)General & Scientific Director at ASTRON Radio Astronomy

“Margreet is a very motivated person, self-propelled and extremely hard working. She enjoys her work immensely and is prepared to go the extra mile in order to provide support that goes well beyond the standard 9-5 mentality. She enjoys interacting with others, and easily makes connections even in a large organisation. She is well equipped to make a substantial and positive contribution to a wide range of different positions and working environments.”

Alida Michels, PR-medewerker RDW

“Margreet is een intelligente, enthousiaste en betrokken vrouw, die graag aanpakt en liever niet stil zit. Ze heeft een grote mensenkennis en gebruikt deze op integere wijze. Ze kan bovengemiddeld presteren in zowel de profit als de non-profit sector, vanwege deze combinatie van aanpakken en organisatiesensitiviteit. Margreet is iemand die ruimte nodig heeft om goed te functioneren, maar die ruimte is haar volledig toe te vertrouwen: ze is initiatiefrijk en resultaatgericht.”

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