for reaching your business goals

Generate revenue with your online business across multiple countries. With our international SEO & Marketing services, you can effectively compete in your chosen market.

Choose how you want to work with us

No two businesses are alike and for every stage of your growth process, there is a way of working that is most effective at a particular time. That’s why we offer different ways of working together with our SEO & Marketing services. Choose which service you need most right now to give your (international) company a good competitive position.

Do Business in a Smart way

Management & Maintenance

We maintain and manage your website or webshop so that you have time for other activities.

For example, we can keep your website up-to-date with new texts on a regular basis. We can also improve the pages based on Google Analytics findings and optimize texts for SEO. In addition, we can take care of your customer queries and manage your sales and stock management. In short, we manage your business online, so you can focus on your other ventures.


How can you provide a service that meets or exceeds your customer’s expectations?

With marketing activities based on a sound marketing plan and a strategic plan for SEO, you can use your website or your online shop to gain a stronger market position in a target-oriented way.

Website Audit

With an SEO audit of your website, you know exactly which aspects are effective and which should be improved. Problems with your website can be solved by you or by us. With a website audit, you can make your site more effective, both for visitors and for search engines. It is an investment that can save you lots of money.

SEO-proof Website

We create a website for you that has a solid SEO-technical basis and is suitable for smartphones. In close consultation with you, we provide a design that best suits your company and your goods or services. We can also transfer the content from your old site to a new one and optimize it with SEO.

When we are through working on your website, you will have a good starting point for implementing SEO and Marketing activities that will deliver better results.

International SEO Services

We are the SEO company that brings customers to your international website. We ensure that your website or online shop is SEO-proof (technically and with texts for pages and product descriptions) based on keyword research and competitive analyses.

Local SEO

Set up or optimize Google my Business for local SEO for SMEs and link your website to relevant networks.


Strong backlinks are an important part of your long-term strategy. We ensure that your website’s pages are strategically linked and that backlinks bring more organic traffic and the desired customers to your site.

By link building in the proper way, we put your company on a higher level: more quality, more relevant content and more links based on a good marketing and SEO strategy.

What approach is best for you?

We cover all international SEO & Marketing aspects

More websites equals more competition and many companies have engaged an SEO & Marketing agency to get their site to perform well. To gain customers with your online business, you must have a rock-solid marketing plan in place. We work strategically and efficiently on the marketing activities to increase conversions and to grow your business (internationally). Of course, this does depend on the popularity of your services or products, but our work always yields more results than if you had not teamed up with us.

Solving your website problems and getting listed in Google

With your website, you may run into one or more of the following problems or challenges:

  • Your website is not receiving any visitors.
  • You don’t know how to get visitors to your website or e-store.
  • You have been getting fewer and fewer visitors to your website and you have no clue how come.
  • The number of people asking you for information or buying your products has dropped drastically.
  • You are launching a new website and you want to be able to do business quickly.
  • You have started an online business, but you have no time to manage it.
  • You have a website or online shop, but you could use a customer service representative and stock manager.

If you recognize any of the above, we will be happy to assist you with one or more of our SEO services.

Search engine optimization (SEO) that works for you

We don’t just take things at face value. Our SEO strategies are based on knowledge, experiences, thorough research, and up-to-date information about Google’s latest SEO guidelines.

MarsConnects is Google Analytics IQ and Hubspot (Inbound Marketing) certified.

We think we have one of the best jobs in the world, because we help people to achieve their goals. Many people give up on their online business before they really get started, while others persevere and become successful through hard (& smart) work!

We want you to succeed with your business and that is possible only if the basis of your website or ecommerce business is in order and if you have a solid strategy to achieve your goals. As experienced SEO specialists, we analyze each and every aspect of your business, your website, your potential customers and your competition, before defining a strategy. Our SEO strategies are based on proven data. This way, we know exactly which strategy will deliver the best results for you.


Pushing the button might be the best thing you can do today!

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