Privacy Policy

Below you will find the text as it is prescribed by the EU. When we do a job for you, we only ask for the information we need. With this information we can have contact as long as the work takes place, and we take care of your website and social media with the information you want to provide to your customers and audience.

We do everything we can to keep your data safe. Once the work is done, we delete everything we no longer need, except your contact details, so that we can keep in touch for any adjustments at a later time and at your request.

The official version in accordance with the privacy legislation:

If you order a service from us, we need your data to ensure that we can process your order. Privacy is an important value to us, so you can assume that we always handle your personal data with care. We only keep your data for as long as it is useful: either when you order something, or when we work together on a project. Depending on the type of cookie and legal regulations, your data will be automatically deleted after a certain time. Below you can read how long a particular cookie is stored, why and when it will be deleted.

This privacy policy was last modified on: December 18, 2022

Who is responsible for the processing of my personal data?
MarsConnects (“” and “”), is the data controller as described in this privacy policy.

When does this privacy policy apply?
This privacy policy applies to all personal data that processes from anyone who has (had) contact with, such as our visitors, customers and business contacts on all domains related to

What is personal data?
Personal data is all data that can be traced back to you as an individual. Just think of your name, telephone number, address or e-mail address. But data such as your IP address or customer number are also personal data. And other data that is unique to you, such as your order history or browsing habits.

From whom do we process personal data and how do we obtain this data?
We process the personal data of everyone who has (had) direct or indirect contact with, such as (business) customers and contact persons of partners.

We receive the data directly from you when you visit our website, create an account and fill in certain information or when you contact our customer service.

In some cases we receive your data from others. When someone sends a gift directly to you, we receive your name and address details. We may also receive data from other parties, but only if you have given those parties permission to provide certain data to us.

Which data do we process from you, what do we use it for and how long is it stored?
Data for processing your order

If you order something, we need certain information from you to be able to deliver your order and to keep you informed about your order. This information is also required for any returns or repairs.

For this we collect your name, e-mail address, delivery address(es), payment details and your telephone number.

The data is necessary to execute the agreement that you have concluded with us (or with one of our sales partners). By law, we must keep the data related to your order for 7 years.

Data in your account
We store the following information in your personal account: your name, (delivery and residential/establishment) address(es), telephone number, e-mail address, date of birth (if you have provided this), payment details, gift vouchers and gift cards.

In your account we also store your order history including selected delivery options, including the digital items and subscriptions you have taken out.

In addition, we store the interests you have specified in your account, namely your wish list, any linked apps and your e-mail and personalization preferences.

Our customer promise is to make our customers’ lives easier and more fun. That is why we keep the data in your account as long as you are an active customer with us. If you have not logged in with us for 7 years, we will delete all your data. In addition, you can make a request at any time to have your data removed from your account.

Information about your contact with us
You can contact us via Google meet, email or chat via WhatsApp. We use the data stored in your account to contact you in response to your question or complaint to us.

We can help you faster next time by saving your data. We therefore keep the notes about customer contact with us and with our sales partners as long as you are an active customer with us.

When you send us a private message via WhatsApp, LinkedIn or Facebook, the messages will be kept by us for a maximum of 6 months, or shorter if you delete the message yourself earlier.

Data for an optimal website visit
First of all, we ensure that our website works properly so that you can optimally browse through the articles and services. For this purpose, when you visit, we collect your IP address, information about your internet browser, any language settings and information about the settings of the operating system of the computer or mobile device with which you visit us.

We also ensure that is as relevant as possible by tailoring our website to your personal preferences. To do this, we collect your search, click and buying behavior at We use this data to map generic customer patterns, so that we can use them on an individual level. It is not so much about knowledge about individual customers. That is why we keep this data as long as you are an active customer with us. If you have not visited our site for 1 year, we will delete all your data. If you want to know more about this and change your preference, we refer you to your account.

Improving your website visit based on general information and visitor statistics
When you view an article on, you will also see other articles that we recommend. These recommendations are based on the article or category you are currently looking at. Based on statistics, we know that customers who bought that item were also interested in the other items. These recommendations are not personal: everyone who views that article will see the same recommendations. If you search for a certain duvet cover, everyone will see the same comparable covers or fitted sheets. Or we’ll show you what other users were looking for based on your search.

Self-set preferences
You can indicate your preferences with us at various places. For example, you may want to be kept informed about something or add one of our services to your wish list. You can also sign up in advance if we offer a new service or expand an existing one. You can disable these preferences yourself at any time.

Data for marketing

Personalized emails
If we are going to work together on a project and you have made this known by contacting us on the website or via social media, your contact details, including your email address, will be kept for 6 months after our last contact moment. We will not send you emails or messages, unless you would like to keep in touch to, for example, order an update to your website, receive a personal recommendation once in a while or simply because it is nice to keep in touch.

Personalized ads
We, our ad networks and media agencies may show you ads on and other websites. This is based on your previous visits to our websites and the websites of third parties. Your surfing, searching and buying behavior are collected on the basis of cookie techniques, your IP address and the advertisement number that is linked to the device you use to surf. We only do this if you have given permission for the placement of cookies. A limited retention period applies to cookies and that period differs per cookie. Learn more about cookies and how to set your cookie preferences.

Data from customer surveys
We are constantly improving our services and making them even closer to what customers want. That is why we can use your data (customer ID and e-mail address) to invite you for a non-binding customer or market survey. Participation in a customer or market survey is completely voluntary. How long your data linked to the results of customer or market research is stored varies per research. We will delete all data that can be traced back to you as soon as the investigation has been definitively completed.

We analyze insights from customer and market research and click and buying behavior to gain insight into our customers and their use of our services. We also use segmentation data from Google Analytics to enrich these insights. As a segmentation specialist, Google provides predictions of characteristics, interests and behavior of all households. We may use this data, among other things, for our brand positioning, to improve our services and to optimize our campaigns. We ensure that all our analyzes are only reported on an aggregated level. This means that the results cannot be traced back to individual customers in any way and are not used for personalized expressions. We do this based on our legitimate interest. If you object to the fact that we combine your customer data with the Google Analytics data, click on the ‘Delete cookies’ button at the bottom of the home page. Your data will then be deleted, but the website may not work optimally during your visit.

Data for reviews & questions and answers
We love reviews. And our customers too. Because reviews help you find what you’re looking for. When you write a review, you choose whether your personal details or your name are visible to other visitors. You can also use an alias. You can also indicate whether we can contact you about your review. We only post reviews with your permission. Because reviews are valuable to customers for a long time, we keep a review until you ask us to remove the review or until the review is removed by us on the basis of the review conditions.

Data for contests and promotions
If you participate in a promotion or competition, we ask you for information, such as your name, address and/or e-mail address. We need these to be able to carry out the promotion and to announce the prize winner(s). We collect this data with your permission. If you agree to this, we can also use the data you share with us in a promotion or contest for other purposes. You can find out exactly what we use your data for and how long we keep this data in the relevant competition or promotion.

Data to prevent fraud
Nobody wants security incidents and fraud, neither do we. That is why we use personal data (including IP addresses and search, surfing and purchasing behavior) to investigate, prevent and combat unauthorized access and fraud. We may also use the services of external service providers for this.

Social media
If you use social media such as Facebook, you can use the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons on to share articles that you find fun, useful or useful with your friends on your social media account. will not be able to access your social media account. We recommend that you carefully read the privacy policy of the social media parties where you have an account so that you know how your data is used and how you can adjust your settings.

Data shared with Google Assistant
If you use the Google Assistant, you can interact with via the Google Assistant. For example, you can ask us to add one of our services to your wish list or ask for more information.

In order to answer the questions you have asked, we receive certain data from Google. When you start an interaction with Google, a Google Session ID is known to us, as are the text of the interaction (e.g. the question you ask), the date and time you previously interacted with us and the country and the choice of language. In some cases we ask if we can send you something to the email address that you have linked to the Google Assistant. We will only send you something if you have given us permission to do so.
For us, interactions cannot be traced back to you as a customer. We also do not have the audio files of the interactions.

When you link the Google Assistant to your account, we will receive a token with every interaction with which we can retrieve the information you have requested from your account. You can always unlink the Google Assistant via the following link or via the Google Assistant. We save your interaction, but it is not linked to your account if you have linked your account.

Finally, we use aggregated data for statistics about the use of the application by the users of Google Assistant. By measuring this, we can continue to improve our applications on the Google Assistant for the benefit of Google Assistant users.

We receive your data with your permission if you use the Google Assistant and we need this data to establish the interaction. For example, we need your question to be able to answer it. In addition, we use the data to see whether the user has previously interacted with via Google Assistant. With this we can, for example, adjust the welcome message.

We keep all interactions for 1 year, to improve our speech application. In addition, Google provides us with aggregated usage statistics that are collected for us available for 6 months.

Because the interaction takes place via Google, Google is also responsible for your data. The Google Privacy Policy describes how Google collects and uses data about its users and what rights you have. Furthermore, Google has more specific information about which data you as a user of the Google Assistant share with Google and how you can delete this data.

Who is your data shared with?

Partners using login
We enable login through your account on the websites of some of our partners. If you use this, you will be given the choice to share data with the partner, so that your account on the partner’s website is automatically (partially) filled in with this data. This concerns your name, address and email address. We want to make it easier to log in and shop through our partners.

For more information about the way in which our partners handle your data, please refer to the privacy policy of the relevant partner.

External service providers
We also engage other third-party service providers to assist with various tasks. Sometimes they also need personal data for this. We only share the data that is necessary for the assignment that the external service provider carries out for us. We do not sell your data to these service providers or other third parties. And we conclude agreements with all external service providers in which we agree what they may do with the data.

The types of work that our external service providers perform for us are:

  • supporting the provision of our digital services such as the hosting, maintenance, security and support of our websites;
  • supporting our customer service;
  • supporting our advertising and marketing campaigns;
  • supporting customer research and obtaining ratings and reviews;
  • providing financial services, such as payment services, collection agencies and credit reference agencies;
  • supporting you in facilitating telephone contact between you and business sales partners.

Sometimes we have to pass on personal data to the government. This can first of all occur if certain government institutions need this data for the performance of their duties, such as the Tax and Customs Administration. The police or judicial authorities may also need certain information in the event of fraud or abuse. Finally, certain supervisors may have access to personal data in the context of an investigation.

Only at your request: sharing data with other companies
If you wish, we also pass on your personal data to other companies, for example if one of our commercial partners has an offer for customers. We will only do this with your explicit permission.

How do we handle data from our private and business sales partners?
We handle data from our private and business sales partners just as carefully as we handle the data from our customers. Therefore, this privacy policy also applies to our sales partners.
When you sell via our platform as a private sales partner, in addition to the contact details that you enter in your sales account (your name, your home address, your telephone number and your bank account number), we also store your store name (this can be your own name, or a chosen alias) and the description you give to your store.

When you sell through our platform as a business sales partner, in addition to the contact details that you enter in your sales account (the name of your company, the name of the contact person of your company, e-mail address, your contact address (and any other addresses), payment details and your telephone number) also your Chamber of Commerce number and your VAT number. If you use the Seller API, we also store the name, e-mail address and telephone number of the party providing the connection.

We keep the data from the sales account as long as you are an active seller with us. We will then delete your data, except for the data that we must or may keep by law. On the basis of tax legislation, we must keep certain data for a minimum of 7 years.

How do we handle data from our potential business sales partners
When you have requested a scan via our website, we use the information you have entered (the name of your company, the name of the contact person of your company and the e-mail address) to send you personal advice by e-mail. send. We keep this data for 1 year so that we can assess whether you have ultimately become a business sales partner of When you have indicated that you wish to receive it, we will send potential sales partners from time to time additional information about sales through our platform via the email address provided. If you prefer not to receive this information, you can unsubscribe in the email. Unless you indicate after 1 year that you wish to continue to receive the e-mails, we will delete your e-mail address.

Where do we store your data?
We store your data within the European Economic Area (“EEA”) – on a server in Germany (via Strato). However, certain data we collect may be transferred to or stored at a destination outside the EEA, for example because one of our third-party service providers is based there. When this is the case, we ensure that this is done in a safe and lawful manner.

How is your data secured? takes many measures to protect your personal data. Both organizationally and technically. Through strict access control, we ensure that your personal data is only accessible to employees for whom it is necessary that they work with it. In addition, at we regularly have our security tested by external experts. Do we give your data to someone else? Then we require that the other party treats your data as carefully as we do. If you feel that this is not happening, please let us know.

How do we handle data from children?
Our services are not aimed at children. This means that use of by customers under the age of 18 is only permitted with the express consent of a parent or guardian.

What rights can you exercise with regard to your data?

Right to information
You have the right to an understandable and transparent explanation of how we handle your personal data and which rights you can exercise in that regard. In this privacy policy we have therefore explained in detail what data we collect from you and how we handle your data.

Right of access
You have the right to request access from us at any time to the data we have available about you. You can request that in your account. We process requests within 30 days at the latest.

Right to correct
You have the right to have your personal data corrected if it is incorrect or outdated and/or to have it completed if it is incomplete. You can do this 24/7 in your account.

Right to object
You have the right to object to the processing of your data if you do not agree with the way we process your personal data. This right applies to the data we use for direct marketing. For example, you can ask us to no longer use your data for personalized recommendations on the website. You can arrange this yourself in your account. In addition, this right also applies to other data that we use about you on the basis of our legitimate interest. For example, you can choose that we forget and continue to forget the data about your surfing and search behavior. You can also arrange this yourself in your account. We process requests within 30 days at the latest.

Right to data portability
You have the right to receive data that you have provided to us in the context of the agreement(s) you have concluded with us in a machine-readable format, so that you can store this data in a database of yours or of a other party. This concerns your name, address and residence details and order history. We offer you the possibility to download this data in a machine-readable format in your account.

Right to restrict
You have the right to request restriction of the processing of your data. This means that we may keep your data but not use it. This right arises in a number of cases. If you believe that this is the case, you can contact us via customer service.

Right to be forgotten/request to delete account
You have the right to request that we delete all data that we have about you. When you submit a request to delete your account, we will delete data that can be traced back to you, except for the data that we must or may keep on the basis of the law. We offer you the option to submit a request in your account.

Right to lodge a complaint
You have the right to submit a complaint about the way in which we handle your data. If you have a complaint, we prefer to solve it ourselves. Please contact us.

If you have any questions about the way MarsConnects handles personal data, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you.