SEO Audit for your website

An SEO Audit gives you insight into the functioning of your website, how it looks on the back end and how it is ‘read’ by search engines. You will also learn where things are not going well when it comes to SEO tagging, page speed, duplicates, server codes, etc. With an audit, you’ll know where you can improve your site to present it to the server, to search engines, and to your audience in the most optimized form possible.

SEO Audit for your website - MarsConnects

An SEO Audit gives you insight into the performances of your website, how it looks on the back end and how it is ‘read’ by search engines. You will also learn where things are not going well when it comes to SEO tagging, page speed, duplicates, server codes, etc. With an audit, you’ll know where you can improve your site to present it to the server, to search engines, and to your audience in the most optimized form possible.

SEO Audit for your website - MarsConnects

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit verifies that a website meets the requirements to function properly for both visitors and search engines. It also ensures that your website is more resistant to hackers and offers suggestions for SEO optimization. SEO audits are important for a number of reasons, not the least being that Google regularly changes its algorithm in accordance with new AI technologies and new search patterns.

Doing business online based on strategic and tactical insights

Performing a comprehensive SEO audit is an essential starting point for any entrepreneur who wants to make a profit with their online business.This SEO audit helps form the basis for a solid marketing plan. It also provides you with information on whether the efforts you’ve made are producing positive (read: most profitable) results or whether you’re doing things that are not beneficial to your online business. A deep SEO audit will allow you to conduct online business based on both strategic and tactical insights.

How important are SEO audits?

It is important to know how your website is being perceived by both your audience and search engines. Conducting a thorough audit will also highlight problems that need to be fixed. One of the reasons why this is so important is that you want to make sure that your visitors can easily navigate your site, that they can quickly find what they are looking for and that the sales and payment processes run without problems. In addition, having an audit prevents your site from being penalized by Google because you accidentally do something that is against SEO rules, hurting your position in the rankings.

There are many small details that can result in a penalty from Google. If that happens, your website will move to a Google search page that most people ignore (most people don’t look beyond the 1st and 2nd pages of search results). It’s even possible that all your websites (if you have several) will get a penalty, because you as the owner have applied black-hat SEO, for example. In that case you have the chance that your website pages are no longer displayed on search pages until you’ve fixed the issues.

What is the result of an SEO Audit?

Performing a full SEO audit is a fairly complicated and technical process that has to comply with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) – RankBrain by Google to an increasing extent.

It takes time to conduct the audit, describe the recommendations and (if desired) implement the actions to get a site perfectly in place. Once this is done, however, you’ll have a site that can be highly competitive and you can expect a high ROI (return-on-investment, or profit on your investments). Especially if you implement SEO tasks as a regular part of your online presentation:

  • Publish something at least once a week that is of excellent quality and has added value (both on your website and on social media),
  • Make sure you get relevant backlinks, and
  • that you use the most relevant keywords with the intent of your potential customers (user intent) in mind.

Tailor-made SEO audits: for the starting SME and small business entrepreneurs

We offer tailor-made SEO audits. For the starting entrepreneur who has not yet generated a profit – and has less money to spend – we perform an abbreviated audit. This involves us crawling the website to learn how search engines receive your website, and listing the parts that can bring you profit in a short term (low hanging fruit). We then give you recommendations on what you need to do to improve these areas. If you don’t know how to do that, just give us another assignment; we’ll be happy to perform these tasks for you!

Mobile first

With SEO audits for start-ups, we make sure that the basics of your website work perfectly, both on-page (texts, photos, etc.) and technically. Because – for Google – the mobile view of your website is more important than the view on desktops and laptops, it is best to give priority to this. Google will rank your website higher if it is working nicely for mobiles. If you want us to implement the recommendations from the audit, just contact us and we’ll make sure your site is running smoothly for all devices.

Custom SEO audits: for the seasoned entrepreneurs

For the entrepreneur who has been on the road for a while and their website is reasonably profitable, we conduct comprehensive SEO audits. If your business is doing well, you want to keep it that way to maintain your competitive position or if you think it’s time to scale-up your business. Then, you really need a website that is able to score high in the Google rankings. The more people see your web pages on the first page of Google Search, the more leads you can generate.

The higher your website ranks, the tougher the competition is

If you have a successful website, you will face tougher competition: the higher you score in the Google rankings, the more you have to do to stay in that position. That’s when you need professional SEO audits from an SEO expert: someone who is very knowledgeable about how Google values websites and what they need to comply with. This, of course, involves both on-page and technical SEO. A seasoned SEO-er is also knowledgeable of the changes that Google regularly set out to meet the requirements for SEO rankings.

Our comprehensive SEO audit services

We offer also a package for carrying out comprehensive audits: an SEO audit with a full crawl that provides an overview of all areas of your website for improvement. We will work with these issues to ensure that your website is technically perfect (provided that there are no issues caused by the chosen web design that has errors that can’t be changed, or that the server on which the website runs does not have sufficient capacity).

Good SEO, but no changes on the site

We have experiences with a few customers who wanted a very high SEO score, but they didn’t allow changes in the texts, layout or navigation.That’s like going to a BBQ as a vegetarian where only meat is served and you’re still hungry.

For example, one of the sites we were working on had no headers and tin content. There was no SEO implemented at all, and yet they wanted to rank high on Google’s search pages. Because we know that we cannot achieve results in such cases, we no longer accept such assignments.

However, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We can get the most out of the SEO requirements if you want to keep certain parts of the site or content as it is. After all, to get a good SEO score, there are more roads that lead to Rome.

Optimize your website for maximum profitability and to compete with top sites

Contact us to discuss your plans for your website and to determine whether you need an abbreviated or an extended SEO Audit to help your online business rank well. We can then discuss your wishes to optimize your website for maximum profitability and make it compete with top sites.

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