A good SEO agency provides more visitors to your website. The best SEO agency brings you returning customers from multiple countries, realizes growth opportunities, and pays for itself (we belong to the better agencies).


We create SEO-proof content and improve the performance of your multilingual website. With engaging content on multiple platforms in different languages, we make sure your customers can find your international business. And through proper research, we find out what your customers really want to engage with your business.

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More ways to make an online business successful

No company is the same. They are in different development stages to reach their business goals. That’s why we offer multiple ways to work together. Choose the service that suits your business best at this moment.

Most Popular

Ongoing SEO management in different languages

We take care of all the SEO-tasks of your website or online shop, so you can concentrate on managing and developing your business. Whether your website is in English, Dutch or German, we help you get your business noticed in different countries.

Provide your website or e-commerce services with copy in multiple languages

With our copywriting service, you get new texts for your web pages, product categories, or a series of blog articles. In multiple languages, SEO-proof, and focused on your buyer personas that represent your best target groups.

One-time action to make your website SEO-proof

We will customize the existing content to make it SEO-proof by conducting keyword research and a competition analysis. This provides you with a solid base to continue working on your online business.

One-time SEO audit

With a single SEO audit, we analyze the best ways to improve the SEO of your website or webshop and give you a list of the actions to implement.

Ongoing SEO keywords and content advice to compete

Do you have numerous competitors that use effective SEO strategies? Then we can help you with a monthly check on the status of your site compared to your competitors and provide you with the information you need to create the necessary content. This way, you can take on the competition and make sure that your site gets more value for both your visitors and the search engines.

Which SEO strategy is best for your business?

We deal with all aspects of search engine optimization

More websites mean more competition. To gain customers with your online business in multiple countries and to be visible in Google, you need top-notch SEO optimization. We work strategically and efficiently on the tasks listed below to get websites to convert and generate revenue. After all, why else would you run a business? (Besides that it is also fun and challenging!)

The Content Services of our SEO Agency

Frequently asked questions to our SEO agency

How long does it take before I see results in Google?

This depends on the size of your website, whether your site technically meets SEO requirements, the quality of the content, links, competition, and the amount of time we can invest in your site.  When you hire us for ongoing SEO management of your online business, positive SEO results can be seen quickly.

Can you get my web pages ranked #1 in Google?

Yes, that is our goal! Great SEO goals, however, need time and attention. You can have us carry out search engine optimizations in multiple languages, improve the content of your site or webshop, or hire us for one of our many other SEO tasks. The most effective way is to hire us for several months to manage the SEO of your online business.

What kind of clients can you help best?

We work well with any industry, from eCommerce to Lead Gen, as long as your service or product is one people use search engines for.

Do you revise old content on our website?

If the existing content is doing its job, we leave it untouched. But if this content negatively affects your conversion rate or Google rankings, we will optimize the existing content.

How do I know if your SEO strategies are effective?

There are numerous ways to measure success. We keep you informed with status reports as often as you like. You are the one who sets the course and together we determine the achievements to be made

Can you rank my site high in Google just by writing texts for us?

If your site is already SEO optimized, both with off-page and on-page SEO, and you have a good content and marketing strategy in place, we can certainly get you ranked with the web content we create.

Are there extra costs for work that is not included in our service agreement?

Usually, we cover all costs upfront. Sometimes there are special technical SEO problems with your website that we were not informed of beforehand. It is therefore possible that we may charge you to solve these problems. We will of course discuss this with you before we start work on the solutions.

Are there also SEO projects that you don't take on?

It happens that we are offered SEO work for webshops or websites that have been set up so badly that it is impossible to make a sale or generate a lead. Usually, these sites use free platforms and are completed by using cheap resources (and sometimes employ black hat SEO). These website owners are very disappointed when they see that their site is not rated by search engines nor appreciated by their visitors. Such sites do not become successful. Unless the service or product is good and there is the willingness to start over. But then properly.

A Dutch SEO agency in Tbilisi, Georgia: how come?

We are a Dutch SEO agency based in Tbilisi, but with plans to move back to the west of Europe. (An international move with 2 rescue dogs and a big red cat, however, seems to be not that easy).

We serve B2B and B2C clients from the Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Canada, UK, Germany, and Italy. You can hire us at a 0% VAT tariff as we are based outside Europe. In summer we have a time gap of 2 hours with Amsterdam, in winter the difference is 3 hours. So scheduling online meetings is not a problem at all. Of course we speak Dutch, but we also speak English and understand spoken and written German. If we work together with other marketing or SEO agencies or with freelance SEO experts carrying out tasks for us, we work with people whose mother tongue is the language of your target country.

Can we start right away?

You bet! We can get to know each other and discuss your goals and wishes. As we are quite active, we might have a 2 to 3 weeks time slot to clear space for your project. But once started, your website will get all the attention it needs.

Call us through WhatsApp or schedule a Google meeting. It is best to give your website’s domain name before we meet so we know what we are talking about.

Do you have any questions?

Send us an email with your questions and we will respond ASAP!

Warning! Push the button might be the best thing you can do to succeed with your online business!

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