Translation English to Dutch: over 350 web pages

translation web pages English to Dutch

Translation English to Dutch: over 350 web pages

My client wanted to have a Dutch version of their website, including excellent SEO results.
I translated over 350 web pages from English into Dutch, SEO proof, in less than 5 weeks.
I also added the headers and sidebars and edited the layout (HTML, CSS in WordPress) when necessary. Next to these actions, I proofread and optimized the pages that were already translated.

These actions allow the company to market their business in the Netherlands, next to many other countries they are targeting.
I think it’s a pretty much ambitious and awesome business. It was (and is) a pleasure to work with them!

If you want to enable your business to the Dutch market and need your website translated from English into Dutch, or if you need texts for your Dutch website, please contact me. I’ll make sure your content is professional, SEO-friendly and attractive for your target group.

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