Website Funza

Webshop Funza

    This webshop was created to meet the following:

  • A webshop to publish what has to offer.
  • Created for the target group and aligned with the pictures provided.
  • Easily to find products of interest.
  • Possibility for visitors to get in contact easily.
  • Easily to update the website (CMS).
  • Possibility for visitors to buy products smoothly and safe.
  • Social Media, SEO and Analytics
  • Mobile friendly

“MarsConnects has created a new webshop for that fits the products we sell and our target groups. We used to have a site we created ourselves by copy and past- functions through a monthly paid ‘do-it-yourself’- website, but there was no way to customize it to our needs and make it user-friendly, not to speak about the responsiveness of the webshop.

Now we have a webshop that makes us stand out in our field and we can customize it easily when we want to. MarsConnects did not only created the site, she provided us with all information we need to market our products better, as well as how to set the analytics to provide us the information we actually need.”

– Michael Weening ~ The Netherlands

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