Website Sernitsa

Multilingual WIX website Sernitsa

Website Sernitsa: A multilingual website created with Wix. is a website created with Wix, has got 30 pages and 12 lightboxes, an age-checker page and is multilingual: English, Dutch, and Georgian.
This website was created to meet the following:

  • A platform to present the import and export quality goods.
  • Designed on topic and aligned with the pictures provided.
  • Easily to find subjects of interests.
  • An online shop and a payment system (not online yet)
  • Google Analytics to analyze the visitors.
  • Mobile friendly

“MarsConnects created this site for me within a week. When we started, I didn’t have a complete picture in mind about the content on my site, and how to handle the multilingual part in the Wix system, but Margareth was very pro-active and found solutions for every issue we encountered. I am proud of the result and I recommend everyone to hire MarsConnects when you need to set up your online business fast!”
~ Serge Visser, CEO Sernitsa

Do you want to have a website in a luxury style with features like Contact us and we’ll create a professional one with WordPress. Why not with Wix? That is because Wix is not developed enough to get the right features for a professional website, and most of the apps that is available, is not responsive. Our experience is that you can have so much more – and better – with WordPress.



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