The Anatomy of a Well-Written Blog

The Anatomy of a Well-Written Blog

Before you start writing, ask yourself:

  • What is the goal of the blog? Do you want to:
  • inform (attract audience/authority),
  • solve a problem (gain trust/authority),
  • have the audience stay longer on the page and browse through pages/more clicks),
  • sell a product (convert into $),
  • have the articles shared on social media platforms (grow awareness/ authority.

What is a well-written blog?

A good blog shows knowledge of the product and industry (Expertise) in order to gain Authority for people and businesses in the same branch to go to for information and products. It also shows Trustworthy information.
E-A-T derives from Google’s Guidelines which is designed to establish what it takes to create good-quality content that ranks well.

The goal of the blog is also aligned with the business goals. For example to gain XX-% more visitors in XX-month, to sell XX-% more in a certain month, or to get XX-% more subscribers.

Content length: at least 1000 words

Have at least 1000 words. The longer the article, the more you can include relevant subtopics.

Title & H1 length

The title (< 60 characters) contains the keyword and needs to be interesting to have the audience click on it and read the article.
The title predicts the content of the article.

The H1 (<70 characters) is as the title, but says a little bit more about the article.
Use only 1 time the H1.

Analyzing heading depth

A three-level text structure (H1, H2, and H3) is enough to break down any article (even longer ones) into meaningful pieces, and improve its readability and visual appeal.

  • H2: use for explaining the different subjects and views of the content.
  • H3: use for more information about the subject mentioned in the H2.
  • Use the H3 also for list – headers.

Paragraph length

Depending on the length of the content, use enough paragraphs to write about the sub-subjects below the H2’s and H3’s.

Try to keep the paragraphs of the same length.

Use of featured snippets

With featured snippets, an article might be shown on top of Google’s first page, when it got the best answer on a question people searching for. Hence it’s smart mentioning the question in a H2 and write the answer of a solution of a problem.

A list is also a featured snippet. Use a list whenever it’s relevant.
If you write about video content, you might want to add a preview of that video, since that is a featured snippet as well.

Use of keywords

There’s 1 main keyword that can be 1 word or a few words. Use it in the title, the H1 and several times in the H2 and H3. How often you use the keyword depends on the total length of the article. With a text of 1000 words, divided in 6 paragraphs, you might want to use it 4 times.

There are synonyms of the keyword (think of how people might search for this subject you write about) and related keywords as well. Vary your texts with these words, because they help having the article found on Google Search.

Examples of well-structured blogs

Infographic of a Well-Written Blog

well-written blog infographic - MarsConnects

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